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A 4 week Final Project for an Interface Design Course, project done in a team of 5 

My Role 

User research, prototyping, wireframing, UI Development, Visual Design



Linquor is a free drinking app that puts safety and responsibility back into a night of reckless fun. 

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The Project Specifications

As part of a final project in Interface Design course, we had to develop a high-level fully featured prototype of an interactive system based on research, and meaningful for a targeted audience. Having had a target audience to design for, we researched about drinking and drinking applications, and analyzed customers' interactions and needs in a bar. 

Linquor Interface Overview

Intended for both heavy and casual drinkers, the app helps users manage their drinking habits by tracking alcohol intake and notifying them when they pass their limits. It also allows users to manage finances, as well as search and bookmark bars in order to plan their night out.

Linquor is different from other existing drinking apps due to its unique features and functionalities. The app contains 5 main features listed below, that makes it distinct from other drinking apps. 

Home Feature

The 'Home' feature contains all the data regarding health, level of blood alcohol, finance and the number of drinks of the user and provides a real-time feedback to the user about each of these. The home page also provides information on which bars your friends are at and which bars are near your locations. Users can interact socially with their friends using the app and they can check in and see who else is also checked in.  

My5 Feature

The My5 features your friends, your my5 emergency contacts, and your blacklisted contacts.

The My5 landing page contains a map, which enables the user to view the location of their friends at any time. The 'friends' tab, lists all the people who can view your check-ins and see

whether they’re at the same location as you. Due to the privacy issues, this feature is only available for registered users. Finally, the last tab is the blacklist, which is a list of registered and non-registered users whom you can block from calling or texting for when you are drunk.

My5- Map 
My5- Friends 
My5- Blacklist

Discovery Feature

Users are able to search for venues such as pubs, breweries, clubs, and restaurants for favourites or new finds. They’re able to search for nearby places with the best deal for their favourite drinks, and also search based on the reviews. Users are also given suggestions based on their favourites and frequently visited bars.

Profile Feature

In order to personalize the app and provide relevant statistics for the user to monitor, we

have proposed an account-based app that gives every user a public and private profile. Through this profile, which is either associated with an email or social media account, the user is able to view and manage personal and public stats, budget health and financial values, manage friends, manage blacklist, payment info, privacy settings,  and manage reviews and favourites. Users can input their own physical stats which are used to calculate other stats, such as BAC based on user's input drinks.

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