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Hi there!


I’m Shamim, a service designer from Canada who is passionate about designing services and experiences that leave a positive impact on people, society and the environment.  


I enjoy being challenged with problems around social and technological innovation. Being conscious of the impact of technology and it’s possible complexities, I am interested in designing around technologies that positively make contributions to people’s lives. It is at the intersection of design, business and technology that we can generate value for all stakeholders involved. 


I currently live in London, having just finished my masters degree in Service Design at the Royal College of Art. Having a background in UX design, I have come to understand that solving problems through a holistic understanding of people, systems, communications and relationships is necessary in shaping new experiences and services that would help people and businesses succeed. 


As a designer, I enjoy approaching problems using speculative design strategies to articulate possible futures and challenge current assumptions with an end goal of doing social good.


When I’m not designing, you’ll find me learning and exploring something new; whether it’s painting, travelling and backpacking through cities, or digging deeply into a book. 

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